Lusty EMS

From its beginnings over ten years ago, Lusty EMS has had a well deserved reputation for designing and building high quality, long life trailers whose great looks exemplify the attention to detail that goes into building every one. Not just a pretty face, Lusty EMS trailers are purpose built to withstand gruelling work day after day, without compromise.

The Lusty EMS range includes steel and aluminium semi tippers, B-Doubles, side opening tippers (that can transport both bulk and palletised goods), walking floors® and flat top trailers. Lusty EMS trailers typically carry products such as grains, fertiliser, sand, rock, bricks and a range of other agricultural and construction products.

Designed and built in an 8000 sq.m. manufacturing facility in Richlands, Queensland, Lusty EMS trailers have national sales and service support with dealers or branches in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

Lusty EMS tippers are also manufactured at MaxiTRANS’ Ballarat manufacturing facility to service customers in the Southern states. Lusty EMS was acquired by MaxiTRANS in 2003 and has subsequently received significant capital investment to improve operational efficiency, manufacturing capacity and safety.

Walking Floor® is a trade mark of Keith Manufacturing Company, USA.