Colrain & QDS Parts Outlets Rebrand as MaxiPARTS

Leading transport equipment manufacturer, MaxiTRANS, has announced a rebrand for its three retail & wholesale parts chains, Colrain, Queensland Diesel Spares (QDS) and Gladstone Air Cleaner Services. At a Brisbane Truck Show press conference, General Manager Peter Loimaranta unveiled the new name “MaxiPARTS”, along with its bold logo and branding, declaring that the new parts brand would usher in a new era of truck & trailer parts supply to the Australian market.

MaxiTRANS acquired QDS in April 2012 when looking to expand the reach of its existing parts chain, Colrain, further into the Queensland market and provide greater support to customers in that area. According to Mr. Loimaranta, the rebranding of the three businesses will mean that operators will now be able to identify the expanded core product range across a single trading name. “From Adelaide to Melbourne to Gladstone, we will now have 17 retail stores servicing the south & east coasts of Australia, meaning customers have only one name to remember from now on when they are in need of truck & trailer parts – MaxiPARTS”

“Those retail stores will of course be backed up by our 4 wholesale outlets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth.”

MaxiPARTS National Retail Sales Manager, Justin O’Brien, added that the new combined brand will provide customers with advantages with regards to range and price. “Traditionally, Colrain has stocked predominantly hard parts while QDS has focussed on products with more retail appeal, “he said. “The new partnership means that from tyres and suspensions to tool kits and portable fridges, all of our stores have everything covered.”

“But the greatest advantage from the added stores is what we’ve been able to achieve with our prices,” continued Justin. “More stores means greater buying power, which in turn means lower prices for our customers. We’ve been able to work with our suppliers to negotiate some great deals, many of which are on display here in Brisbane.”

Mr. Loimaranta pointed to the MaxiPARTS stand at the truck show as a guide to how the new combined brand would soon appear to customers. “We will be beginning our rebranding effective immediately,” he said, while displaying the new logo. “Over the next few weeks, customers will begin to see changes in the store with repect to branding, colouring and store layout. We’re excited about entering the next phase of our history in the supply of quality truck and trailer parts to the Australian market.

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