MaxiTRANS Dandenong (Vic) – Our Products

MaxiTRANS Dandenong stocks and sells a range of products from Side Tippers, Truck and Dog combinations to Semi Tippers. Whether it’s a stock trailer or a custom build to your requirements, we can assist. See our full range below.


  • Bowl Door Tippers
  • Flex Tippers
  • Side Tippers

AZMEB provides creative solutions for bulk haulage and handling with a strong focus on custom built vehicles for specific applications including both on-road and off-road usage. It manufactures the Bowl Door Tipper, Flex Tipper, and High Volume Side Tipper range for the Australian market and also exports its products to countries such as Africa, China and Indonesia.

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Hamelex White

  • Bulk Haulage Equipment
  • B Double Tippers
  • 3 and 4 axle Truck and Dog combinations

Hamelex White are unmatched in Australia’s tipping trailer manufacturing. When you require maximum payload, low tare weight and a total commitment to delivering what customers want, then you should take advantage of Hamelex White’s quality assurance that has been part of its heritage from day one.

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Lusty EMS

  • Semi Tippers
  • Stag B Double
  • Walking Floor

Lusty EMS manufacture a wide range of high quality bulk transport equipment with specialised designs for agriculture, resources, waste management and construction. If you want the very best in aluminium & steel semi trailers, tippers and walking floors, then Lusty EMS would welcome your enquiry.

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