Waste Solutions – Trailers for the waste transfer industry

As well as being Australia’s largest trailer manufacturer, MaxiTRANS has the country’s widest range of waste transfer trailers. From walking floors® to hook lifts and ejectors, we’ve got a trailer to move any kind of waste, regardless of transfer station setup.

If you’re tired of sorting through the rubbish, one thing’s for sure – MaxiTRANS has everything you need. If we don’t, our team of waste solution experts will design you a trailer to suit your individual requirements.

Download the brochure to view the full range of waste solutions or browse the products below to view more detailed information regarding each product.


Walking Floor®

Walking Floor Lusty EMS

Stag Walking Floor®

Stag Walking Floor Lusty EMS

Drop Deck Chassis Tipper

Drop Deck Chassis Tipper Lusty EMS

Uses industry renowned high impact floor systems to unload without the need to tip. Built to carry bulk low density products. Available in medium or heavy duty models with a leakproof option. With all the features of a Walking Floor, the Stag provides the added benefit of being able to unload both lead and Tag trailers in a B-Double combination without uncoupling. Available in medium or heavy duty models with a leakproof option. Designed for maximum cubic capacity, the Drop Deck Chassis Tipper lowers the height of the load, increasing safety and stability by having a lower centre of gravity.
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Multi Loader

multi loader trailer for the waste industry

Flex Side Tipper

flex side tipper for the waste industry

High Volume Side Tipper (HVST)

High volume side tipper for the waste industry

Able to be used as a tipper or side loaded trailer via double skin side opening doors. Fitted with a front mounted hoist to create a clear internal loading area. Available in 19m or 25m combinations. Welded one-piece high tensile steel body which flexes as it tips, removing the need for a door and making it perfect for dislodging sticky product. BK2 compliant, the one-piece bowl and doorless construction make this trailer leakproof. Hinged upper body design that effectively doubles the volumetric capacity over a standard side tipper. It is fast with the ability to unload on the go and a top unload speed of 40 seconds.
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Hook Lift

hook lift trailer for the waste industry

6 Axle Dog Bin Trailer

PBS 6 axle bin dog trailer for the waste transfer industry

Jumbo Loader

jumbo loader trailer for the waste transfer industry

The Hook Lift trailer has the performance and flexibility you are looking for. Available in bogey or tri axle and as a single trailer or B-Double. 15m PBS 6-axle dog skel, which can carry two 6.1m Hook Lift bins and has a carrying capacity of up to 36-tonnes. Load a third bin onto the truck and you have an enormous increase in payload per trip. The specialised design and lightweight structure of the Jumbo Loader maximises the trailer’s payload. It is permanently fixed to the prime mover, which increases the overall weight savings of the trailer.
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uniquely designed ejector trailer for the waste transfer

Rounded high tensile steel body, engineered to handle the large compacting force applied when loading. A hydraulic shifter ejects the contents without tipping.
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